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Here you will find links to various tutorials and information about how to do different things related to creating the C compiler, or using the KPU55 CPU.




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Download Cygwin from the Internet and save in a Cygwin Install folder Cygwin along with GCC, Flex and Bison options is used to create the KPU55 C cross-compiler
  Install Cygwin from the Cygwin Install folder How to install Cygwin once it's downloaded into a folder


KCC Cross compiler How to compile the C cross-compiler in Cygwin
  Run KCC How to run the kcc compiler


KPU55 Cross assembler How to compiler the cross-assembler in Cygwin
  Run KASM How to use and run the kasm assembler to create KPU55 machine code
  Misc. Turorials for KPU55 CPU FPGA users  

Xilinx ISE

Install XIlinx ISE 14.7 Shows the process of installing ISE on Windows
  Compile Xilinx Libraries for ModelSim Before ever using ModelSim your first time this should be done - setting up SIMLIB and MSIM_PATH
  Setup the KPU55 FPGA project in Xilinx ISE How to use the KPU55 cpu in an FPGA

Xilinx Impact

Create a .mcs from a .bit This is needed to program an FPGA flash IC.
  Program an FPGA with a .mcs and .bit files  


Insert Chipscope into a design How to create a simple .CDC file that gets added to the ISE project which can then be built into a design.
  Use Chipscope Pro Quick tutorial on how to use ChipScope with KPU55 and the .CDC file created in Inserting ChipScope into a Design


Setup the kpu55 simulation Details of setting up ModelSim and running a testbench simulation called kpu55_tb.v using a script named