How to Install Cygwin from the Cygwin Install folder

Cygwin is used to compile the C code to machine code for the KPU55 (or other CPUs).  The  compiler was written using C, Flex and Bison.  Thus the correct options need to be selected when downloading Cygwin.  This tutorial is for using Cygwin on a Windows based PC.


1. Open the Cygwin64Install folder saved from the Cygwin Download tutorial and double click on setup-x86_64.exe



2. Click Next




3. Select Install from Local Directory




4. Set the Root Directory as shown and click Next




5. Set the Local Package Directory to the location on the Cygwin Install folder




6. The Select Packages window will now appear




7. Click the + symbol next to Devel and you should see the extra bison, flex, etc.. packages that were installed.



8. Click on the Skip for bison, flex, gcc-core, gcc-g++ and make so they will not be skipped in the install.





9. Click Next if it shows this window




10. Cygwin will begin the installation process.




11. Select the desired icon locations and click Finish, then reboot your computer.



12. REBOOT your computer


13. Should the Cygwin icon not show up on Windows 10, click on Windows Start and pin the Cygwin icon to the taskbar.




13. When you run Cygwin, it may open more than one window on Windows 10. This may be due to not rebooting your computer after installing Cygwin. Use the one that display your account_name@computer_name.

Type cd c:

Then you can change to any folder on drive C