How to Download Cygwin from the Internet

Cygwin is used to compile the C code to machine code for the KPU55 (or other CPUs).  The  compiler was written using C, Flex and Bison.  Thus the correct options need to be selected when downloading Cygwin.  This tutorial is for using Cygwin on a Windows 10 based PC.


1. Create a new folder called Cygwin64Install

2. On the internet, go to and click on the setup-x86_64.exe link


3. Microsoft Edge will download the file into the downloads folder.



4. Navigate and save setup-x86_64.exe in the Cygwin Install folder. Now open the Cygwin Install folder and double click on setup-x86_64.exe.

This process will save all the files in case someone wants to copy this folder and install Cygwin at a later time.


5. click NEXT



6. Select Install from Internet and click Next




7. Now set the Root Directory to C:\cygwin64, then click Next.




8. Next you will be asked to select packages. Set the Local Package Directory to the location of the

Cygwin Install folder



9. Set Direct Connection and then click Next




10. Now select the website as shown below. Another site could just as well be chosen as

long as it has all the necesary tool packages. Click Next to continue.




11. This is where we have to select certain packages that aren't included by default



12. In the Category column open up the Devel folder by clicking on its + symbol.



13. In the New column select the following packages by clicking on "Skip" for each package. Note: versions may be newer than ones shown below.






16. click NEXT



17. Click Next in the Resolving Dependencies window




18. Cygwin will begin downloading and installing files.




19. After everything downloads, uncheck both boxes and click FINISH.




20. Open the Cygwin64Install folder saved on the desktop and you should see the following